„Her own imagery is impressively beautiful.“

Nikolaus Harnoncourt, world-renowned conductor

„I love your images and your writing – especially your work Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos.“

Lotte Ingrisch, author and wife of composer Gottfried von Einem

I admire your paintings, the delicacy of your lines, joyousness of colors, gracefulness of curves, verve of forms which are dance and music at the same time. Your art is informed by the colors of Matisse and the rhythms of van Gogh, but it comes from the country of Mozart.“

j´admire vos paintures, la delicatesse des lignes, la joie des couleurs, la gâce des courbes, l´elan des forms qui sont à la fois danse et musique… Vos paintures sont â leur place dans le midi de la France. On y décèle des couleurs de Matisse et le rythme de van Gogh; mais elles viennent surtout du pays de Mozart.”

Jean Llasera, former French cultrural attachéin London

You are extraordinarily talented, especially in the delicate style of your lines.“

Privy Councilor Professor Doctor Walter Koschatzky, former director of the Albertina museum in Vienna

Seldom have I been able to stay as long with paintings as I have with yours. Thank you for the experience of seeing and finding an inner view of my own soul through your paintings. They hold strength and joy, bitternis and charisma, remove the annoying and allow views of the self.

Alexander Kaimbacher, international opera singer (www.alexanderkaimbacher.at)

There once was an artist, “Renate”
of all, she was certainly smarter,
she liked Shakespeare and Goethe
and the Zauberflöte ….and Beethoven´s Moonlight Sonate.

An artist is one who sees all the beauty of the world and can not rest until they have shared it with someone. (Igor Stravinsky)

Stephen Anthony Brown, opera singer and composer / London

“Renate, you bring so much beauty into the world!”

David Habbin, international vocalist/ London